14 years on-air for WGKC, WEBX, WEFT and more. Hundreds of radio commercials for clients such as: Andrae's Harley Davidson, Englebrecht Grills, Papa George, Electric Beach and Myler Automotive

McBeth (Radio Play) - William Shakespear, Snorb spokesman, Broomhilda, and dozens of other characters… (Primary) – Royal Frog Theater Productions http://kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00MRP5GT

Illinois State Police Public Service Announcement – (commercial) – Narrator – WCIA-TV channel 3 (CBS) / Nexstar Broadcasting Group Inc.

Gabe’s Place apartments (commercial) – Narrator - SiPepDesign.com

Song's Kung Fu Academy (commercial) - Narrator - WICD-TV, NewsChannel 15 (ABC) / Sinclair Broadcast Group

CustomChoice (TV/billboard/brochure) – “Customer”/Model - Prairie Production Group
Estabrook for Congress (TV animation voiceover) – Citizens to Elect Estabrook

Orbitz.com Price Assurance (Web) – Narrator – 15 letters inc.

Augmented Performance Environment for Managing Multinational Interagency and other interactions in Stability, Security, Transition and Reconstruction Operations (Web based training system) in production – Narrator - Command Performance Research / US State Department

Ethics in Nursing (Training video) - ATLAS Digital Media and Global Campus (UIUC)
Street Smarts (Training video) - "Purse Snatcher" - Prairie Production Group

Rampage [Korkusuz] (Feature film) – (voices) Sedar (Primary), Commander Osman (Primary), Omer; Trailer - Dark Maze Studios http://www.darkmaze.com/rampage/

Revolting (Feature film) in production "Blaine / Frederick" (Primary) - Roselawn Productions http://www.revoltingmovie.com/

Once Upon a Time in the Midwest (Student film) - (Narrator) 1st Place Monumental Film Fest 2009 –Andrew Nygaard  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKrwR_r--VM

Dark Knight : Not So Serious (Student film) – “Alfred”/ Trailer  – Jason Burgos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zIacL36pEY

Through the Lens of History (Senior Thesis documentary) – (Narrator)

Dave’s Dream Diaries  - (Narrator) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aoHlqKidVA

Face it (Student film) – Narrator – Vince Dixon

RoboGirl (Movie Trailer) – Narrator – Dark Maze Studios http://vimeo.com/1651643


FreeSpace (Videogame) - "Galactic Terran Commander" - Interplay / Volition Software

FreeSpace II (Videogame) - "Commander" - Interplay / Volition Software

Le Balcon (Play)- "The Bishop" - Celebration Company @ Station Theatre

McBeth (Radio play) -

Bleacher Bums (Play) - "Greg" - Pop Up Players

Night Moves (Play) - "Doctor" - Celebration Company @ Station Theatre (Review) http://www.pamphletpress.org/index.cfm?sec=7&story_id=34

Wit (Play) - "Student/Medical Resident" - Celebration Company @ Station Theatre


Champaign Public Library

Centro de Panamerico de Idiomas (CPI) [Costa Rica]

Third Force Negotiation

American Management & Venture Capital

Heads Up Communications, LLC

Sky Networks, Inc.

Willis Computing Specialists, Inc.